Check Engine Light

An illuminated check engine dashboard light can cause any car owner some heartburn. It isn’t always bad news, but it is a good reason to visit your local Fast Tire right away.

A Check Engine Light can mean something like a loose gas cap, or it can indicate a more in-depth problem like a fuel, timing, or transmission issue.

Common reasons for the Check Engine Light are:

    • The gas cap was left loose when refuelingCheck Engine Light
    • Emissions-related sensors, such as oxygen sensors, have failed
    • Engine timing problems, most commonly with variable valve timing
    • Transmission failure codes
    • Engine misfire codes
    • Catalytic converter problems

Whether solid or blinking, if your “check engine” light has come on, it could indicate any of the issues above — most of which will require a Fast Tire technician to diagnose and address.

Trouble Codes

When the light comes on, the computer stores a “trouble code” that gives information as to the source of the problem. This is not an explicit diagnostic but rather an indicator of where to start looking.

Fast Tire will then use a diagnostic scanner that plugs into the vehicle’s onboard computer system to complete a series of tests that confirm the required repair. From there, your trained mechanic will discuss with you the next steps to help get you safely back on the road.

Don’t disregard the Check Engine Light if it turns on. Schedule an appointment at Fast Tire now to help avoid costly engine repair.

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